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perfect coffee partnerships

for thousands of years coffee has been significant in bringing people together. we teamed up with b corp coffee experts amamus, who buy specialty grade coffee beans, to create our own delicious coffee.

our coffee is hand-roasted in small batches carefully to develop the character, then packed in compostable bags or returnable containers to help us avoid single-use plastics entirely.

moka blend

a delicious original blend of carefully sourced specialty coffees, designed for espresso from brazil and uganda.

the rwanda is from rumbogo washing station, in the award winning gakenke district, near the capital, kkigali. rwanda is known for its delicious, sweet coffees and we think this one perfectly captures the essence of high-quality coffees from this country.

the brazil is from fazenda irubi in mogiana just outside sao paulo. run by paulo scanavachi and his daughter ana paula, they follow a long and highly successful family tradition of farming coffee.

an enticing aroma of fruit and nut, plum and orange acidity with a rich flavour of chocolate orange and along sweet aftertaste.

moka decaf

sourced from two farms called boa vista and taboues located in minas gerais, brazil. the proprietors are b corp certified and have committed to reinventing coffee farming in brazil to
focus on new and sustainable agricultural processes and carbon neutrality.

practices include natural planting with the coffee plants spaced
in between. it is common to see toucans, monkeys and other wildlife making their way through the farm. this tasty coffee is naturally decaffeinated by swiss water, avoiding chemicals and maintaining the integrity of the coffee and flavour.