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wake up and smell the moka


the moka brand is centered around it’s passion for coffee, ethics, sustainability, organic origins and elegant design. moka is an inclusive, sensual brand which focuses on its customer, their needs, desires, and love of good coffee.


supercharge your day with purity

moka is not only inspired by the raw origins of coffee or the modernist 50’s movement by design, it serves you with organic purity too! moka coffee blends are never mixed, to keep your coffee tasting original. organic ingredients, living plants and raw materials are all part of the moka taste and design palette.


be fair, be kind, be human

we treat people how we ourselves want to be treated. and this extends far beyond our team of creative baristas. from the dedicated coffee farmers who hand-picked your coffee beans through to the craftsmen who built your moka chairs, we do our very best to ensure moka is an ethical brand, from every angle.


quench your thirst for sustainability

by sipping on our mouth-watering coffee, rest assured that you are taking the future of our planet very seriously. we have gone the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of moka considers the environment as much as possible. from the use of recycled paper for printing through to our supply delivery methods, we keep a close eye on our carbon footprint.